Invest in your wellbeing...

Starting therapy takes courage. Congratulations, you're on the way to beginning your healing journey! I welcome you to view the counseling responsibility as a worthwhile investment for your future self.

Prioritizing yourself and your mental health with regular therapy now means that you will have the time and space to set goals, develop skills and care strategies to manage existing and emerging concerns. Regular therapy supports your overall wellness and nurtures growth long term. 

The therapeutic relationship is also a great place to learn about and understand yourself and how you work. Therapy can help you with reducing stress and worry so you can live the life you want and deserve to live. Together, we explore creative options for creating a healthy life.

I enjoy serving as a compassionate guide, helping others address…

personal goals 

relationship difficulties

role and identity conflicts related to...

gender/ race/ sexuality/ generation/ religion/ culture

relational wounds or trauma

transitions such as grief/loss, immigration and acculturation issues



Individual Therapy 

Individual 50 minute sessions - $120

Couple/Poly-cule/Family Therapy

Couple/Family 60 minute sessions - $150

Case Consultations

Case by case, starting @ $200

*Please ask about sliding scale.

Currently ONLY seeing clients by telehealth.