Heal Relational Wounds and Intergenerational Trauma

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Therapy and Counseling to Help You Heal From Past Trauma and Renew Your Sense of Connection, Self-worth, and Zest for Life, While Creating the Relationships You Desire Today. 

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Courage Center is committed to providing counseling and psychotherapy services to meet the needs of individuals from diverse and multicultural backgrounds, often navigating complex and intersecting identities. I work with women, immigrants and BIPOC identifying individuals to create healthy relationships with themselves and others as they work to disrupt painful narratives and trauma wounds by rebuilding connections aligned with their true self. Together, we explore how identity and culture shape our mental health and healing. You will gain the courage to be more of you and live the life you want to live. 

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You Deserve To Be Heard and Cared For. 

Hi, my name is Isabella and my pronouns are she/her, and I'm a licensed professional counselor and a multicultural clinician who believes it's possible to live a well meaning life after suffering relational wounds and intergenerational trauma.

As a therapist, I help individuals find healing from painful childhood and adult experiences with relational-cultural therapy and resilience building practices and resources. I empower folks who have been harmed by their families, friends, partners and even workplaces to gain clarity about themselves and others they are in relationships with in order to increase their self worth and their desire for authentic and healthy connections. My clients gain the strength to live more whole and authentically. 

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It's Possible to Resolve Anger, Sadness, Pain and Heal. 

Heal wounds and trauma

Relational Cultural Therapy for connection, growth, and resilience.

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